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Pinar Met

Pinar Met

Right after the graduations from "Istanbul Anadolu Fine Arts High School" (1996-1999) and "Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts" (1999-2003), I took the first step to my professional life as a packaging designer in a pharmaceutical company. Two years later, in 2005, I began to work as a packaging development manager in "Şişecam Camiş Ambalaj San. A.Ş.", which is the biggest packaging company in Turkey. After my packaging design career in this company, in 2017, I started "Grafimet Packaging Design Office", in relience upon my 15 years experience and artistry.

The motivation of Grafimet; with designing authentic packages, which carry the products to be able to compate globally, to be a supporter of all entrepreneurs.


To increase the added value of products by designing packages which are unique, attractive, conveying brand values precisely and affecting the perception of customers.


With finding creative solutions and increasing the quality of customers life, in packaging design area, to be a global company, which is sensitive to nature and respect to individual, by carrying brands to be able to compate globally.

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