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Packaging Design Trends

With various prints on, It is a package that makes a product can be sold. The packaging, which is the identity of a product, communicates with the customer and increases the purchasing speed. Packaging is also a social, legal and economic contract between the customer and the company that sells the product. The packaging, which defines the production processes with square code and bar code systems also, is one of the most important component that increase the added value of a product.

Although it is low for Turkey, a country's development is directly related to packaging consumption of per capita. Discovering the importance of packing recently, increasing the production of packages continuously and increasing number of companies that are capable of manufacture packages with European Union standards, are the indications about that packaging consumption will accelerate upwards.

As Grafimet, we edit 5 packaging design trends that are always up to date. Let's take a look at those packaging design trends for companies that are looking to create a new brand or a new line of products.

1. Handwriting Fonts:

Scattered and haphazard handwritten fonts attract more attention than prominent and angled fonts. Below, you can see an example of such designs.

Handwriting Font on Package

2. Slogans:

Text-based designs that spell the message and express this message on the packaging boldly, will become more apparent on the shelves. Such designs can be more effective, especially for cosmetic products. A good example of such designs is below.

Slogans Tell More

3. Simplified Packaging:

Simplified packages continue to be top on the trends through years. Consumers want to know what the values of a product is and also see the product itself. Clarity, transparency, and knowledge are vital to taking part in designs when it is a matter of food packaging. Be more simple to be attractive on the shelves. An example is shown below.

Simplified Label Designs

4. Geometric Designs:

Geometric designs on packages are very popular. Such packaging design expresses reliability, accessibility and simplicity with their shapes and patterns. Especially in the cosmetics and beverage industry, they can elude from the confusion on the shelves. An example of geometric design is below.

Geometric Patterns on Bottles

5. Nostalgic Designs:

For products like orange juice in glass bottles or bread in paper bags, many brands return to their traditional look, to remind old times and evoke nostalgia. Such packaging designs create an emotional effect by revealing childhood memories in the consumer. Nostalgia has become a big trend in today's fast, paced and technological world. Here is an example below.

Barilla's Choice; Nostalgia


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